LemouxBernard LEMOUX


BornApr 13, 1942
Age82 years old
1973 (Chairman)
1977 (Chairman)
Born into a modest family, Bernard Lemoux was Stade Rennais Club President from 1973 to 1977. He was local entrepreneur and company managing director. He created the company "Pavillons Bernard Lemoux" who were the official sponsors of Rennes in the 1979/1980 season. He was often depicted as a tough and volatile man, but also a man "with ideas." For several seasons, he would stay head of the Supporters Club before becoming President. Moreover, he resigned from the role on the Supporters Club in the Spring of 1973 after a disagreement over the transfer of Kéruzoré to Marseille. He took over as Stade Rennais President on 10th October 1973, with the club floundering in financial difficulties. He was very involved in the day-to-day activities of the team, he would be at the heart of the arrival of Laurent Pokou to Rennes in 1973, and the subsequent return of Kéruzoré in 1974. Unfortunately, the relationship between Lemoux and Kéruzoré would not be a happy one. In the 1974/1975 season, Lemoux even accused Kéruzoré and some of his team-mates (qualified as "intellectuals") - notably Kerbiriou, Le Floch and Redon - of having a bad influence on the other players in the squad, and of being too intrusive. He kicked them out of the squad, and there was a mutual vilification between the two parties, without ever knowing the real ins-and-outs of what actually happened. There was also a further bombshell that same season, when Lemoux sacked the then First Team Manager, Cédolin, with the club 12th in the First Division. He thus became the first-ever Club President at Rennes to fire his First Team boss. This choice would prove to be an error of judgement, as Rennes finished the season in 19th spot, and were relegated to the Second Division. He eventually resigned from his role as President in 1977, leaving the club struggling in a deep financial turmoil. He did, however, return to help the club have its budget validated by the league two years later, in 1979. Several years after that, he sold off his company to go into politics alongside the Republican Party of Jacques Chirac, as of 1986.