FlorioFélix FLORIO


1952 (Chairman)
1954 (Chairman)
Félix Florio was an entrepreneur in the civil engineering sector, and he spent numerous years as President of the Board of Directors at Stade Rennais. At the start of the 1950s, Rennes were struggling financially, and that forced the then President, Mr Delisle to resign from his role. Félix Florio answered the distress call from the club, and replaced Delisle on 10th September 1952. Mr Florio restructured the club, and created a management committee to help restructure the club's finances at Stade Rennais University Club. He would improve the local recruitment processes, and the development of the youth players at the club. He also handed responsibility for all footballing matters (both for the amateur and for the professional teams) to First Team Manager at the time, Salvador Artigas. Having got the club on sounder footing, he stepped down from his role, to allow Louis Girard to take over the role of President on 23rd June 1954.