BernardFrancis BERNARD


1969 (Chairman)
1969 (Chairman)
After 17 years at the helm of the club, Louis Gérard was replaced, at the drop of a hat, by Francis Bernard as Club President of Stade Rennais Football Club at the start of the 1969/1970 season. At the time, he was the Director of the National Centre for Perfection for Maladjusted Children. According to Gérard, he was virtually forced into accepting the role as President of the football club, having been the best placed in the existing hierarchy. He would remain just a matter of months in that role, however. Indeed, in November 1969, Stade Rennais were in severe financial difficulties, recording a deficit of 24 Million French Francs at the time, which obliged the Bank of Brittany to cut all credit lines to the club. The SRUC was on the verge of going bankrupt; and the psycho-technician was then replaced by Jean Rohou, in a desperate attempt to try and balance the books.