DelanoëJacques DELANOË


BornApr 27, 1959
Rennes, FRANCE
Age64 years old
2017 (Chairman)
A highly renowned publicist from the Rennes area, Jacques Delanoë joined the Board of Directors of Stade Rennais on 25th June 2012. The former CEO of Euro RSCG 360 was behind the ad campaign “Breizizou” when Juventus played Rennes in the Intertoto Cup in 1999, but also behind the club’s current logo. During his mandate as a Board member, he founded the “Club des Deux Hermines” whose job it was to associate local business with the club’s identity. On 7th November 2017, he became the Non-Executive President of Stade Rennais FC, where he presided over the Board of Directors. At the same time, Olivier Létang was named Executive President by the Pinault family. As someone who would look after the club’s local identity, and a close confidant of the majority shareholder, Jacques Delanoë was behind the creation of the Legends Gallery at Roazhon Park, with the assistance of the ROUGE Mémoire team in 2019. Having been present at the club’s success in the 2019 French Cup Final on his 60th birthday, Jacques Delanoë became sole President between 7th February and the 18th March 2020 after the departure of Olivier Létang, until the appointment of Nicolas Holveck in the role.