Soucaret Jean-Raphaël SOUCARET


Born Oct 14, 1931
Dead Jul 27, 2011 (79 years old)
1987 (Chairman)
1988 (Chairman)
1987 (Chairman)
1990 (Chairman)
Rennes Rennes Chairman
Rennes Rennes Chairman
Jean-Raphaël Soucaret was President of Stade Rennais between 1987-1990. He holds a degree from the Paris Institute of Political Studies. He would gain experience working in several sectors in finance, before eventually becoming the CEO of Pfizer in France, who had been the sponsors of the Red and Blacks since 1982. In 1987, Jean-Raphaël Soucaret took over from Gérard Dimier as President of Stade Rennais. He would temporarily relinquish those duties for several months (between November 1987 and March 1988) to Gérard Duval before regaining control in 1988. As President he didn't exactly have a hands-on approach, and he gave his staff the freedom to work without intervention on his part. In 1990, Soucaret stepped down from his rôle, and left Stade Rennais to be replaced by René Ruello. Being a high-profile corporate manager, he returned to the world of finance in the years that followed.