RohouJean ROHOU


BornOct 9, 1921
Kergloff, FRANCE
DeadDec 11, 2005 (84 years old)
1969 (Chairman)
1972 (Chairman)
Hailing from Kergloff in the Carhaix area of Brittany, Jean Rohou, was a valuable, dynamic man, who was very attached to his region, and often supported Breton causes. He was an entrepreneur in public works, but also - in his spare time - supporters representative, and Mayor of Carhaix-Plouguer between 1957 and 1963. Politically active, he was the founder of the Study Committee for Liaison in Breton Interests (CELIB). At the same time as being a business owner, he would also be a Member of the Local and Regional Parliaments, in the field of Town Planning and modernisation of the territory. On the sporting front, he was President of the Football Club "the last throw of the dice" of Carhaix between 1947 and 1963. In August 1969; this father of two would be called up by his friend Joseph Dault, who was a member of the Board of Directors for Stade Rennais Football Club, to join the Management Committee at the club. Unfortunately, these two were not present at the fateful meeting, and Rohou was not elected. Nevertheless, Rennes, who were at the beginning of a financial crisis, still called on his in November 1969 to try and reabsorb the growing budget deficit. And thus, on 4th November 1969, he replaced Francis Bernard as President of Stade Rennais. Owner of a mansion in Poullaouen, he temporarily managed to put the club back on an even keel financially, and his team would end up winning its second French Cup title in 1971. He left his position, within the club, in May 1972, replaced by Thomas Dault. In the years that followed, he took on important roles in his beloved Carhaix, and finally retired from political life in 1998. In 2003, he was given the title, Knight of the Legion of Honour, but he passed away 2 years late, in December 2005, aged 84. It should be noted that a square in the town of Carhaix was named after him in 2007, as a fitting tribute to a man who was committed to his region.