DaultJoseph DAULT


BornJun 29, 1916
Portsall, FRANCE
DeadJun 1, 2001 (84 years old)
1972 (Chairman)
1973 (Chairman)
The 23rd May 1972 was a historic day for the Red and Blacks, as the club changed its official name from SRUC (Stade Rennais University Club), which was an umbrella organisation for all of the sports teams in Rennes, to the more precise denomination of SRFC (Stade Rennais Football Club), and Joseph Dault thus became the club's first President. He was a councillor for Rennes Metropolitan Council, and he took over the role from Jean Rohou, who presided over the SRUC. He was also the Manager of the SACEM in Rennes (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music). He ended his spell as President of the club on 23rd October 1973, vacating his seat for Bernard Lemoux, who inherited the role of President of the club, and the rather onerous task of getting them out of its financial difficulties.