Girard Louis GIRARD


1954 (Chairman)
1969 (Chairman)
Rennes Rennes Chairman
Louis Girard replaced Mr Florio as President of Stade Rennais on 23rd June 1954. He was an entrepreneur in the building and property business, and also played football, principally in the amateur game. He was notably goalkeeper for TA Rennes, Red Star and Stade Rennais' amateur team. He was the father-in-law of Marcel Loncle, and we have him to thank for the enlargement of the stadium in 1956/1957, as well as the comfort of the facilities. Under his stewardship, Rennes would win the French Cup in 1965. He remained in the position of Club President for 15 years, but would be more or less forced out of his job by some members of the Management Committee, and was replaced by Francis Bernard on 4th November 1969.