DelisleMarcel DELISLE


1946 (Chairman)
1952 (Chairman)
On 28th June 1946, Marcel Delisle took over the role of President of Stade Rennais. He replaced Mr Jullien, who had occupied the post for two years. Delisle was partly responsible for trying to get the club back on it feet financially, and to restructure the club. In 1951, he organised the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the club, but organising several events in the city and at the the stadium. In September 1952, the financial situation of the club was in dire straits, and his management of the club would prove to be difficult, if not impossible, without the crucial aid of the city council. Delisle would thus be forced to step down and leave his role to Félix Florio on 9th September 1952. Subsequently, he went on to become a member of the club's board, and represented the club at the French Football Federation.