Perquis Damien PERQUIS


Born Mar 8, 1986
Saint-Brieuc, FRANCE
Age 36 years old
Size 1.84 m
Weight 82 kg
Position Goalkeeper
Arrival(s) From academy
Brest Brest 2004
Rennes Rennes
Brest Brest
Beauvais Beauvais
Caen Caen
Valenciennes Valenciennes
Oss Oss
Saint-Amand-les-Eaux Saint-Amand-les-Eaux
Developed at Stade Rennais FC, Damien Perquis didn’t have the opportunity to join the First Team squad because of the tremendous amount of competition at the time for the position of goalkeeper with Chaigneau, Pouplin, Douard and Salin. After a few years in the shadows at Brest, he launched his career at Beauvais in National (French 3rd Division), before climbing the ladder to join SM Caen, where he became first choice goalkeeper in 2012. Not to be confused with his namesake (a French/Polish defender).