Souchet Gérard SOUCHET


Born Jul 11, 1933
Pontivy, FRANCE
Age 89 years old
Size 1.70 m
Position Winger
Pontivy Pontivy 1955
Vannes Vannes 1956
Pontivy Pontivy
Rennes Rennes
Vannes Vannes
After his early days with GSI Pontivy, Gérard Souchet signed for Stade Rennais during the 1955/1956 season. Hailing from the Morbihan region of Brittany, this striker would only make six appearances with the professionals for the club in the Second Division - six consecutive matches between Matchday 26 and 31, and two appearances in the French Cup and the Drago Cup, where he scored a goal. In the remaining time with Rennes, he would be primarily used in the Reserves. He would spend a solitary season with Rennes before moving onto sign for Véloce de Vannes, for the 1956/1957 season, where he would create havoc for defences alongside a future Rennes player, Jean Giovanelli (1960-1963). He would go onto become manager of Vannes.