Rousset Gilles ROUSSET


Born Aug 22, 1963
Hyères, FRANCE
Age 59 years old
Size 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg
Position Goalkeeper
Marseille Marseille 1994
Heart of Midlothian Heart of Midlothian 1995
France A
Sochaux Sochaux
Lyon Lyon
Marseille Marseille
Rennes Rennes
Heart of Midlothian Heart of Midlothian
In the year of Rennes’ promotion back to the First Division in 1994, the club were taking no chances as they tried to assure their survival in the top flight. General Manager LeFillatre relied to three players recruited from Marseille: Thomas, Fugier and Gilles Rousset. Rousset took the place of Rousseau, who had spent three seasons at first-choice. Picked by Platini as third goalkeeper for France in the 1992 European Championships, Rousset was brought in to add experience and solidity to the Rennes defence, which was primarily made up of Fugier, Denis, Jensen and Carteron. Blindly selected by Le Milinaire until the 24th matchday in the First Division, Rousset had a string of poor games, and was eventually dropped from the squad by the end of the season. Thus, Rousseau reclaimed the place he should never have lost, whilst Cado replace Rousset on the bench. At the end of the season, Rousset tried his luck at Hearts of Midlothian, where he earned the respect of the Scottish championship.