BocquenetLouis BOCQUENET


BornJan 25, 1947
Briec-de-l'Odet, FRANCE
Age77 years old
Size1.77 m
Arrival(s)From academy
Red StarRed Star1970
Red StarRed Star
Louis Bocquenet was a defender, born in the Finistère region of Brittany, and he was developed at Stade Rennais, where he made his first professional appearance for the club on 14th December 1969, in an away match at Ajaccio. A warm-hearted and happy-go-lucky footballer, always gave his all on the pitch, but would see very little action in a red and black shirt. In the 1969/1970 season, he would make just five appearances at right-back. He moved onto Red Star, before ending his playing career with Stade Briochin in Saint-Brieuc. His main career would turn out to be elsewhere that on a football field, as he achieved fame primarily in the field of psychology. In January 1971, his life was thrown into turmoil by the brutal death of his partner, who was killed by her ex-boyfriend, whose life he would tell in a book a few years later. At the start of the 1990s, he became a specialist in child psychology, and he wrote a number of books on the subject, such as "Hair in the Wind, Football in Brittany by those who played there"; a literary masterpiece with lots of juicy stories on Breton football between 1965 and 1985. A political activist, and particularly attached to his local region, he was also a local councillor in Saint-Brieuc.