Dabo Ousmane DABO


Born Feb 8, 1977
Age 45 years old
Size 1.85 m
Weight 82 kg
Position Defensive midfielder
Creative midfielder
Arrival(s) From academy
Inter Milan Inter Milan 1998 / M€ 2.14
Numbers 1214
Coupe des Confédérations (2003)
France A
Rennes Rennes
Inter Milan Inter Milan
Vicenza Vicenza
Parme Parme
Monaco Monaco
Vicenza Vicenza
Atalanta Atalanta
Lazio Lazio
Manchester City Manchester City
Lazio Lazio
New England New England
After starting out at Laval, Ousmane Dabo arrived at Stade Rennais FC aged 13 in 1990. He went through all the levels at the Academy setup and then appeared in the professional squad for the first time at Bordeaux on 21st October 1995. A week later, he came on as a substitute in place of Ziani. This versatile midfielder, who was both a good ball-winner, and adept in build-up play, was even given a start in the last two matches of the season under Le Milinaire. In the 1996/1997 season, has was regularly in Colleu’s squad, and scored his first goal against Lyon. The following season, he was first-choice in David’s team at the start of the year, before disappearing in the autumn. Courted by Inter Milan at the same time as Silvestre, Dabo refused to sign a first professional contract at Rennes, and moved to Italy in June 1998. After a long inquiry, lasting months, FIFA finally ordered Milan to pay Rennes 4.27 Million Euros for these two U21 internationals, who were in fact no more than apprentices in Brittany.