PonceauRobert PONCEAU


BornDec 2, 1926
DeadAug 22, 1970 (43 years old)
Size1.79 m
TA RennesTA Rennes1948
TA RennesTA Rennes
Born in the Dordogne region of France, Robert Ponceau was a goalkeeper who began his playing career with TA Rennes in 1944. He was picked up by the Red and Blacks of Stade Rennais in 1948. He would spend the vast majority of his time there playing for the Reserves, and would only make 6 appearances with the Professionals in the First Team between 1948 and 1953. He would become the de facto understudy to the first-choice goalkeeper of the day, Louis Pinat, from the 1953/1954 season onwards, when he would play in seven matches. He will certainly remember his participation on 13th December 1953, conceding no fewer than eight goals against Troyes on matchday 19 of the Second Division season. The 1954/1955 season would be more rewarding, making 23 appearances in total. He would then be left with the Amateur side until 1958, at which point he left Stade Rennais to sign for US Janzé, for whom he would play until 1965. He subsequently became the manager of Vezin-le-Coquet until 1970. Tragically afflicted by a cruel illness, he passed away, aged just 43, on 28th August 1970.