Houget Alfred HOUGET


Born Mar 15, 1929
Age 93 years old
1977 (Chairman)
1979 (Chairman)
Rennes Rennes Chairman
Born at Ossé in Ille-et-Vilaine, Alfred Houget was the President to whom we owe so much, in many respects, for the rescue of Stade Rennais Football Club in the 1970s, at a time when the club was on the verge of bankruptcy. As a fan of Rennes since 1943, this pure Breton led the Rescue Committee of Stade Rennais which enabled the club to survive a winding-up order in 1976/1977, when Rennes were in dire financial straits. In 1978, he set up the club's Academy with the help of a loan from Rennes' City Council. The centre was inaugurated on 13th October 1978 with Kerbiriou as it's first head. Players such as Kerjean, Kerveillant or Consigney began their footballing journey there. In parallel to his job as Sales Director with SVA in Vitré, he would take over the reigns in May 1977 as Club President of Stade Rennais from Bernard Lemoux, who had resigned. He would stay in that rôle until June 1979, before handing over to Gérard Dimier. He remained at the club as Vice President for eight years, and subsequently became Honorary Life President in 2015.