Lefaix Kevin LEFAIX


Born Feb 8, 1982
Rennes, FRANCE
Age 39 years old
Size 1.82 m
Weight 75 kg
Position Centre forward
Formed at the academy
Bréquigny Bréquigny 2001
Bréquigny Bréquigny 2000
Saint-Malo Saint-Malo 2004
Rennes Rennes
Bréquigny Bréquigny
Rennes Rennes
Saint-Malo Saint-Malo
Vitré Vitré
Orléans Orléans
Poiré-sur-Vie Poiré-sur-Vie
Red Star Red Star
Tubize Tubize
Chambly Chambly
Cannes Cannes
Having following Sports studies at Saint-Méen-Le-Grand, Kevin Lefaix is a pure striker. He never got the opportunity to play anywhere other than as an amateur at Stade Rennais FC, and so he launched his career at Vitré before making his mark in National (French 3rd Division) with Orléans, Poiré-sur-Vie and then with Red Star in Paris.